More Guilty Gear and some resto parts incoming

Today’s a good day. Got a chromed coin entry and new side arts for the NAC coming my way. All the way from Taiwan!

New Astro City side art (repro) and chromed con entry
New Astro City parts

Still quite a while until it’s time for replacing the side arts since the cabinet needs a new paint job but good to have them at hand.

Jam Kuradoberi
Jam Kuradoberi

I also managed to get hold of a Guilty Gear X cartridge for the NAOMI – gotta catch them all!! 😉  Really have to figure out why I like the GGX games since I suck at playing them ¬_¬ Think it has something to do with May… Might be I just need a shrink >_<

The August Japan deal at Arkadtorget is officially closed and I’ll probably have some more goodies coming my way but more on that later, when I know exactly what’s in the box.

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