Candy for the candy cab

Repro side art and coin entry for the Sega New Astro CityFour days for a parcel from Taiwan to Sweden was way faster than I could imagine.  Picked up the coin entry and side arts at the post office yesterday. Sadly the side arts was not what I expected. Way off in color and I don’t think I’ll ever gonna use them. The chromed coin entry on the other hand fit like a snug. Story ended well though with a refund (except I’m still looking for the side arts).

The cab resto is on hibernation at the moment due to fixing up a room for the daughter. She’s gonna get a surf shack style loft bed with place for her little kitchen below 🙂 More on that later. Now it’s time for some Espgaluda II!

Side art (wrong color)Close up above of the side art I received. Compare it with the original below and you see the difference. What you can’t see in the picture below is that the gradient on the original side art actually is done with a half tone pattern and not a smooth gradient. Quite doable on a color laser printer so no need to cheat 😉

Original Sega New Astro City side art
Side view picture from Candy Cabinet City

2 Replies to “Candy for the candy cab”

    1. I got it from a guy on the forum though the colors were off so they’re just collecting dust right now 😦

      You can find side arts occationally on eBay but better chance is probably any of the bigger forums.

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