DIY Game Board Boxes

Stacked game boardsPiling game boards wrapped in bubble plastic is not such a good idea so I had to come up with some solution to the storing problem now that the collection contains more than two boards. Not to mention the visual rape. Even though a bit of chaos feeds the creativity I prefer my bookshelves and cabinets tidy. So, off to Office Depot for hunting card board boxes and foam. Not finding exactly what I was looking for I settled for approx. 32x27x6 cm (13×10½x2½ inches) boxes. Large enough to hold most boards. In retrospect I should have gotten a one or two 1½ inch deep boxes as well. After some glue exercises (the boxes weren’t self locking) I had two nice looking boxes for storing game boards. Add anti-static Zip-Lock bags and labels and the boards are safe and looking good on the shelf.

Game board boxesLastly, labels for giving the boxes a little more pro look (hand writing on the boxes is a no-no!). Internet and your favorite image editing program to the rescue.

SVC Chaos Box Label


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