Missile Command Marathon World Record Attempt

How better to celebrate the holidays than with a world record marathon attempt?!

UPDATE: Victor didn’t quite make it all the way. But for a first attempt to reach over 56 million points over approx. 47 hours of playing is no small feat!

As he wrote in his post about the marathon on Classic Arcade Gaming he played it to the bitter end. He didn’t lose to the reset. Fatigue got him in the end and he just couldn’t hold it up any longer.

We congratulate Victor and wish him the best of luck in his future attempts on the marathon world record. (Yes, he’s already planning it ;))

Missile Command Marathon World Record Attempt - Victor Sandberg

Fellow Swede – Victor Sandberg is currently attempting to break the Missile Command marathon world record. Aiming for 80 million points over 60 hours of game play. You can follow his attempt live at twitch.tv.

Just now he’s been playing for about 26 hours and has passed 31 million points. Log in and send him a cheer or two!



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