More inlays

Looking for storage options for different kinds of media – Naomi carts, Type X² HDD’s, MVS, PGM etc I stumbled upon a box from Game-Trader in Germany. The boxes are quite a bit larger than Shockboxes but the upside is that they swallow a whole bunch of types of games.

Arcade Gamebox

As you can see they measure 205 x 295 x 57 mm. The foam containers are available for MVS, PGM and Atomiswave games but with a knife you can easily make room for even Naomi carts using an Atomiswave foam.

Naturally Shockbox inlays don’t work well with these boxes so only thing to do is to start creating new inlays. Since I anyway prefer to do things my own way this was no real issue for me.

Still experimenting with the template. Not quite sure whether I prefer horizontal or vertical print on the spine.

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