Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition DVD cover inlay

Showing off your games is so much more fun than just storing them, right?

But how fun is it when they look like this?


Not at all. Really.

Luckily the dongles for Namco’s System 246 & 256 games uses the same cases as memory cards for PlayStation 2 games. Scavenging your nearest flea market for cheap PS2 games will provide you with cases for your games. Flea markets are usually better than second hand game stores if you want to find them cheap. I managed to pick up four (more or less) clean cases at $1 each on my last hunt.

Now, a PS2 case alone doesn’t go bling. You’ll of course need a nice inlay as well. I’ve created a template in Photoshop that I use as a base for all my inlays.

System 246 template

There’s a few sites that offer hi-res scans of inlays for a wide variety of games but if you wanna make it zing you’ll create your own.

An arcade game is not a console game.

An inlay measures 285 mm x 190 mm (approx. 11.2″ x 7.5″). Use scans, screen shots and game info from the web to assemble a unique inlay for your games.

SCIII inlay


Here’s a link to my template file and a couple of resources you can use for your covers. There’s tons more on the Intertubes. Good luck 😀


8 Replies to “Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition DVD cover inlay”

  1. I didn’t know the Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition Version A was Black. Any clue what made that different from Version B? Is there such a thing as the Version C that some people have mentioned?

      1. Also, on your label above, you have that save data requires card readers, Soul Calibur II and III save on standard PS2 memory cards (with only for 246 stickers on the back), not the Tekken 5 cards.

      1. Jag gillar din blogg. Om man har ytterligare frågor, kan man ställa de här eller föredrar du Twitter?

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