Namco Tekken 4 (2001)

Tekken 4 (鉄拳4) was released for arcade on August 2001 on the Namco System 246 platform.

Tekken 4 splash image

I got hold of a Tekken 4/System 246 setup in the U.S. earlier this week and was of course eager to fire it up as soon as I got home. The setup was, according to Bryan at I Need A Game, serviced about a year ago and was taken from the cabinet after the monitor flatlined.

Tekken 4 booting

Still in need of some cleaning it did work nicely and booted without any hiccups in my New Astro City. Only needed some brightness and color adjustments which were easily accomplished from the test/setup menu.

A bit of warning when booting up a System 246 in a JAMMA cabinet. The System 246 is capable of outputting both 15 kHz (CGA) and 31 kHz (VGA). Make sure your cabinet can handle the chosen frequency. Output level, sync frequency and sync signal are controlled via the DIP switches on the front of the System 246 unit. All set to off worked fine in my cabinet set to 15 kHz.

Tekken 4 DVD and security dongle

Not 100% sure which version of the game I got my hands on as you can see from the picture the original Ver. A has been changed for Ver. D.

EDIT: According to defor at this is the normal procedure when upgrading the games so what I have is Ver. D.

Namco System 246 testrigMy temporary rig for testing my new System 246 worked out nicely. Though I still have to sort out the kick harness and get hold of a four or six button panel.


Pac Man – Bargain or Trash?

Midway Pac Man PCBI managed to win a Pac Man / Ms. Pac Man game board for less than $40 including shipping over at eBay a week or so back. Looked legit and in good shape. So the question is: was it a bargain or have I ended up with a pile of trash?

Since I was passing Chicago earlier this week I had the board together with some other games delivered there for saving on the shipping. So on Wednesday I finally got the chance to examine my possible bargain and except for the desperate need of cleaning and perhaps a cap change it looks fine. It’s missing the cable for connecting the Ms. Pac Man daughter board but that one’s quite easy to find so I’m optimistic. But I won’t know for sure until I get back home again in a couple of weeks. Oh, and I’ll need a JAMMA adapter too since the board comes with the old Midway interface.

Gundam DX vs Zeon GD-ROM with manual and artworkThe other two packages waiting for me was Gundam DX vs. Zeon GD-ROM for the Naomi and Soul Calibur II Ver. A and D for System 246.

Guilty Gear X and Capcom I/O Adapter

GGX ParcelMy Guilty Gear X finally arrived on Wednesday after a detour south of the city due to the post not being capable of seeing the difference between Segeltorp and Järfälla. Also nicely treated – as always. Anyway, the cartridge was nicely secured inside along with the artwork (that I even had forgotten about).

Guilty Gear X Cartridge for the Naomi
Guilty Gear X Cartridge
Guilty Gear X Artwork
Guilty Gear X Artwork

The Guilty Gear X cartridge and artwork. Both with normal wear and tear. Will have to wait some time until I’ll be able to fire it up for a test run though since my Naomi setup is still missing some parts.

Capcom I/O Adapter

Capcom I/O Adapter
Capcom I/O Adapter

Yesterday I finally picked up a Capcom I/O Adapter. One huge step closer to finishing the Naomi setup since this an adapter or converter is required for hooking up the Naomi to a JAMMA cabinet. Now I’m only missing some power cables. The case has some minor oxidation but nothing that some sandpaper and Autosol cannot fix.

DoDonPachi Saidaioujou coming to the Xbox 360

DoDonPachi SaidaioujouCave and MS Japan has announced that DoDonPachi Saidaioujou will be ported to the Xbox 360 with a release sometime in the spring 2013. In addition new HD graphics the Xbox 360 version will feature a Novice mode as well as a new playable character – “Element Doll Extra D”

DoDonPachi Saidaioujou combines classic Cave style shmups with dress-up and was released to arcades earlier this year.

UPDATE: Announcement trailer now up on Youtube and Nico Nico

Source: & Cave

More Guilty Gear and some resto parts incoming

Today’s a good day. Got a chromed coin entry and new side arts for the NAC coming my way. All the way from Taiwan!

New Astro City side art (repro) and chromed con entry
New Astro City parts

Still quite a while until it’s time for replacing the side arts since the cabinet needs a new paint job but good to have them at hand.

Jam Kuradoberi
Jam Kuradoberi

I also managed to get hold of a Guilty Gear X cartridge for the NAOMI – gotta catch them all!! 😉  Really have to figure out why I like the GGX games since I suck at playing them ¬_¬ Think it has something to do with May… Might be I just need a shrink >_<

The August Japan deal at Arkadtorget is officially closed and I’ll probably have some more goodies coming my way but more on that later, when I know exactly what’s in the box.

Guilty Gear XX and new NAOMI stash

May from Guilty Gear
May from Guilty Gear

Being a sucker for the character design of the Guilty Gear series – especially May (still suck at playing the game though) I ended up with a Sega NAOMI setup with GD-ROM reader through Johans auctions over at a couple of weeks back.

Still missing a JVS to JAMMA adapter and some power cables I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet. So I spent my time gathering some intel and writing a couple of pages on the stash I got in the deal.

The Stash

  • Sega NAOMI System
  • Sega NAOMI GD-ROM reader, DIMM board and SCSI cable
  • Capcom vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro
  • Guilty Gear XX #Reload

I’ll get back regarding the games as soon as I’m able to try them out. Meanwhile I put together a couple of pages about the NAOMI System and the GD-ROM.

Sega NAOMI Stash
Sega NAOMI Stash

There’s plenty of guides on the Interwebs on how to setup the NAOMI with the GD-ROM. The trickiest part being if you like me miss some of the cables and need to find replacements. Since the NAOMI uses the newer JVS standard for I/O you’re gonna need an adapter for hooking it up in a JAMMA cabinet. The best option being Capcom’s JVS to JAMMA converter <- I need one of those.