Happy Programmers’ Day

Happy Programmers' Day
Happy Programmers’ Day by masone_trash on Flickr

Have you shown your local programmer some love lately? If not, then today’s a good day for repentance for today is Programmer’s Day.

You didn’t think Microsoft launching Visual Studio 2012 today’s a coincidence, now did you?

The 100’th (hexadecimal for 256’th) day of the year is declared Programmers’ Day, a professional holiday in Russia and observed in a number of countries. It’s time for the rest of the world to join in and give some appreciation to all the coders out there that make everything from watches to the Curiosity on Mars tick. And yes, of course, your arcade games as well 😉

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Live2D brings smooth 3D animation of 2D images

Traditionally the uniqueness of 2D art and comics has been difficult – if not impossible – to render properly in 3D. The Japanese company Cybernoids wants to change all that with Live2D.

Why 2D and comics don’t work in 3D

Suneo type hairThe typical style of comics and traditional hand drawn 2D animations are generally very hard to accomplish in the 3D animation packages of today. Especially within Japanese anime but also in western style animations such as Mickey Mouse’s ears (no matter which way Mickey looks the ears are flat towards the viewer). The “suneo” hairstyle common in anime is another example that would be near impossible to recreate correctly in a normal 3D animation.

Live2D AnimationThe technique is still evolving and currently lends itself mainly to dialog type of games where movement is limited. But the goal for Cybernoids of course is to get to a point where characters can be rendered fully in a 3D space for more advanced games and animated movies.

Video of Shizuku from Shizuku Talk, one of many dialog style apps created with Live2D available for the iPhone and Android phones.

Live2D consists of tools for both content creation and animation; Live2D Modeler and Live2D Animator.

Live2D Modeler

Live 2D ModelerWith Live2D Modeler you create data models that you later bring to life in Live2D Animator. Modeler allows you to work with 2D illustrations as you would in for example Adobe Illustrator. The goal is not to create 3D models and render them in a way to mimic traditional 2D cel style animations as you would in a 3D tool like Autodesk’s Maya or Maxon’s Cinema4D but in fact to draw in 2D and be able to animate your characters in as easily as you would in real 3D animation tool.

Live2D ModelerWhat differs Live2D Modeler from a normal drawing tool is the addition of parameters that define how objects and vectors belong together and deform. Much like a rig when modelling in 3D. The parameters can control how lines and objects deform, bend, grow or shrink when moved or comes to life. You can control things like eye and lip movement and other facial expressions.

Live2D Animator

Live2D AnimatorLive2D Animator is where you bring your models to life with tools that resemble their a likes in 3D animation packages. Working on the timeline with the models created in Live2D Modeler it’s easy to accomplish authentic 2D animations that would take much longer if done by hand in a traditional frame-by-frame manner. And since Live2D uses vectorized graphics there’s no degradation when exporting your work.

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