Sega New Astro City

Sega New Astro City arcade cabinet
Sega New Astro City

The New Astro City from Sega was released in 1995 as a successor to the Astro City and featured upgraded speakers and a Nanao MS9 series monitor. While the monitor is rotatable it lacks the nifty rotation mechanism found in for instance Taito’s Egret II.

This is the shape my cabinet was in when I got it. Decent but worn down on the outside and full of dust and nicotine on the inside.

The plan is to give it a full restoration but since it currently is my only cabinet I’ll be doing it in two rounds. And I guess it’ll be quite slow. First I’m just gonna go over it with soap and water to get rid of the worst. Later on it’ll get a full paint job and new side art (which I need to find somewhere) as well as as thorough cleaning, cap replacements  and probably some new wiring. I’m a great fan of keeping things as original as possible but I’m an even greater friend of sleeving cables so yes, they’ll gonna end up sleeved.

Cabinet data

  • Type: Sitdown
  • Company: Sega
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 1995
  • Dimensions: W: 75 cm (29.52 in.), D: 90,5 cm (35.63 in.), H: 144,5 cm (56.89 in.)
  • Weight: 93 kg (275.6 lbs.)
  • Power: AC 100V 200W
  • Monitor: Nanao MS9-29A, 29 in., 15/24 kHz
  • Bought: 2012-07-12

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