Magical Tetris Challenge (マジカルテトリスチャレンジ featuring ミッキー): Capcom 1998

Magical Tetris Challenge (or Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey in Japan) is Tetris like puzzle game featuring different Disney characters. It was released for the arcade on Seta Aleck64 hardware.

Japanese flyer


PCB photos

Review and game play

(by HVC001)

New arrivals 09/03/14

Street Fighter Zero 2 「ストリートファイターZERO 2」

Boxed but not complete (I presume). Came with marquee, two instruction strips and manual.

Shikigami no Shiro 3「式神の城 III」

Not working. The HD is corrupt and first attempt to fix didn’t work out so I need to borrow a fresh disk and clone it.

Taito Type X+

The Type X+ is a Type X with a more powerful graphics card. Battle Gear 4, Half-Life 2: Survivor and Mobile Suit Gundam: Spirits of Zeon are games developed specifically for the X+ but most of the normal Type X games also run on the X+ unless they’re incompatible with the graphics card.

DonPachi glass

Very nicely presented glas with Colonel Schwarlitz Longhena from DonPachi. I have no idea when or where you could get hold of this.

Game music

Picked up a few Cave related albums as well;

  • Cave Love
  • Mushihimesama Arrange CD -Haitenai Densetsu-
  • Rendezvous
  • Celebrity of the voice premium compilation album “Voice bowl”
  • Capcom Music Generation Progear no Arashi Original Soundtrack
  • DO-DON-PACHI DAI-FUKKATSU Original Sound Track

Progear no Arashi Conversion

Nice EPROM labels

I killed a Vampire Hunter CPS2 board!

Conversions are kind of a grey zone within the arcade world. They’re neither bootlegs nor originals and trading them is banned on many arcade forums. Instead of creating a copy from scratch you take an existing game and reprogram (usually by changing the chips) into another. While it is not considered ok by some this was done by the game manufacturers too.

Progear no Arashi and Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition are probably the most common conversions on Capcom’s CPS2 platform. Both are ridiculously expensive as originals and fairly easy to make conversions of.

After baking a few Naomi and MVS BIOS chips I wanted to try my luck with a Progear conversion. I picked a cheap Japanese Vampire Hunter as donor and got started.

Vampire Hunter CPS II B Board
Vampire Hunter CPS II B Board

The first thing I realized was that Vampire Hunter uses a PAL F type board which meant I would have to do the ugly patch, ending up with a cable across the board. If you can get hold of a PAL G board you won’t have to do this.

For the Progear conversion you will need:

  • ROM files (easily found all over the net)
  • 1 x 27C010 EPROM
  • 2 x 27C4096 EPROMs
  • 6 x M27C322 EPROMs
  • A programmer capable of programming the above IC’s
  • An EPROM eraser (if reusing IC’s)
  • About 30 cm wire (if donor board is a PAL F type)
  • Soldering/desoldering tools
  • A T-20 security torx (for opening the case)

The 27C010 and the 27C4096’s you can reuse if you have an EPROM eraser (if you don’t – get one). Though in my case the VH had 27C1001’s and I couldn’t any get them to work so I had to get a new 27C010. The M27C322’s are easily found on both eBay and AliExpress.

Erasing EPROM's
Erasing EPROM’s

Use a decent UV eraser for wiping the EPROM’s. Don’t build your own! You can find one cheap from eBay and messing around with UV light can make you go blind. I usually leave the EPROM’s for about an hour in the eraser for making sure that they’re blank.

Since CPS II boards are suicidal it’s also a good idea to remove the battery while converting and create a phoenixed board. For this you need phoenix version of the ROM files.

CPS II Battery and CC1 capacitor
CPS II Battery and CC1 capacitor

Desolder the battery from the board and short circuit the CC1 capacitor for draining the board completely from any residual charge and the remove all IC’s from the sockets.

Vampire Hunter PCB with IC's and battery removed
Vampire Hunter PCB with IC’s and battery removed

Now’s a good time to clean the board if it’s dirty. Wash it under lukewarm water using a mild detergent and a soft toothbrush. Rinse well and leave the board to dry for a couple of days. In case you have a hot air oven that can be set to a temperature of 35-40°C (85-105°F) you can speed up the drying process.

Next you need to set the jumpers correctly. There is a total of 28 jumpers on the board. Jumpers 1-6 above IC socket 1, 7-12 between sockets 2 and 12, 13-20 below socket 16 and 21-28 below socket 20. Depending on your donor board you might have to cut, solder and/or desolder the jumpers.


The jumper settings (from 1-28) are:


If you, like me, have a PAL F type board you’ll have to apply a patch cable from the BGS-B3F IC to pin C13 of the C1 connector across the board. Remove the BGS-B3C IC from the board and bend leg no 7 outwards so it no longer connects to the socket. Solder one end of the wire to the leg. Reinsert the IC and solder the other end of the cable to pin C13.

Patch cable
Patch cable

For programming the EPROM’s you’ll need a programmer with a 42 pin ZIF socket capable of handling the three chip types. I use a TOP-3000 universal programmer which can be found on eBay and other stores for about $150.

Once you’ve programmed the EPROM’s make sure to cover the windows on the chips. There are special metallic labels for this but normal electrical tape works just fine.

Insert the EPROM’s and take your game for a spin!

Testing the game
Testing the game

Case labels and manual can be found over at the ArcadeOtaku wiki. And for giving your board the last final touch print some nice looking EPROM labels.

Nice EPROM labels
Nice EPROM labels
Progear no Arashi CPII A and B boards
Progear no Arashi CPII A and B boards

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Last few weeks worth of YJ loot

I missed out on a Tekken 5 auction that ended at ¥ 1,200 which kinda made me sour. But on the bright side I’ve managed to do a couple of other bargains.

CPS2 Mobo

CPS2 MotherboardNot that I have any games for the CPS2 but what can I say? I’m a hardware nerd. Honestly CPS2 is one of the platforms I haven’t checked into much yet but I’m looking forward to disassembling it 😉

I will however from now on be on the lookout for Progear no Arashi so Mono can have back the copy I’ve borrowed from him.

Random kick harnesses

Blast City harnessBeen trying to round up all the plugs, pins and cables I’d need for assembling kick harnesses for the Naomi and the System 246 but kinda lost interest for the moment so I landed two harnesses.

First one’s seems to be some kind of Blast City/Astro City from something else harness. Not really sure if it’s gonna be useful.

If you know what it is I’d appreciate if you could drop me a line.

Sega BGS-006A kick harnessSecond one is a pair of CPS2/3 kick harnesses. Presumably these should work for the Naomi as well since I connect it through the Capcom I/O adapter. I’ll know as soon as they’ve landed.

Sega 5380 key

Sega 5380 keysOk, this one’s been a nightmare. They’re as rare as diamonds and worth their weight in gold! My New Astro City didn’t come with any keys. Luckily a friend had a spare that I could borrow so I didn’t have to break into my cab, but I’ve been looking for one since the summer.

Tekken 5 Control Panels

Tekken 5 control panelsReally looking for a 2L12B panel I stumbled upon this pair of Tekken 5 panels and since I at the moment only have a 2L6B panel they’ll at least will let me play Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur II for now.

Bezel filler for flat monitors

Bezel FillerI swapped the original MS-9 monitor for a Toshiba Pure Flat since it will allow me to play hi-res games as well but being flat it needs a filler for the gap between the monitor and the bezel.

This project will take a while since the front of the pure flat is much deeper than the MS-9 (it doesn’t curve in the corners) I will have to mount it behind the enclosure in order to make it fit. More on that later.

All in all, I think it’s gonna be a fun X-mas this year 😀

Guilty Gear X and Capcom I/O Adapter

GGX ParcelMy Guilty Gear X finally arrived on Wednesday after a detour south of the city due to the post not being capable of seeing the difference between Segeltorp and Järfälla. Also nicely treated – as always. Anyway, the cartridge was nicely secured inside along with the artwork (that I even had forgotten about).

Guilty Gear X Cartridge for the Naomi
Guilty Gear X Cartridge
Guilty Gear X Artwork
Guilty Gear X Artwork

The Guilty Gear X cartridge and artwork. Both with normal wear and tear. Will have to wait some time until I’ll be able to fire it up for a test run though since my Naomi setup is still missing some parts.

Capcom I/O Adapter

Capcom I/O Adapter
Capcom I/O Adapter

Yesterday I finally picked up a Capcom I/O Adapter. One huge step closer to finishing the Naomi setup since this an adapter or converter is required for hooking up the Naomi to a JAMMA cabinet. Now I’m only missing some power cables. The case has some minor oxidation but nothing that some sandpaper and Autosol cannot fix.

Guilty Gear XX and new NAOMI stash

May from Guilty Gear
May from Guilty Gear

Being a sucker for the character design of the Guilty Gear series – especially May (still suck at playing the game though) I ended up with a Sega NAOMI setup with GD-ROM reader through Johans auctions over at a couple of weeks back.

Still missing a JVS to JAMMA adapter and some power cables I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet. So I spent my time gathering some intel and writing a couple of pages on the stash I got in the deal.

The Stash

  • Sega NAOMI System
  • Sega NAOMI GD-ROM reader, DIMM board and SCSI cable
  • Capcom vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro
  • Guilty Gear XX #Reload

I’ll get back regarding the games as soon as I’m able to try them out. Meanwhile I put together a couple of pages about the NAOMI System and the GD-ROM.

Sega NAOMI Stash
Sega NAOMI Stash

There’s plenty of guides on the Interwebs on how to setup the NAOMI with the GD-ROM. The trickiest part being if you like me miss some of the cables and need to find replacements. Since the NAOMI uses the newer JVS standard for I/O you’re gonna need an adapter for hooking it up in a JAMMA cabinet. The best option being Capcom’s JVS to JAMMA converter <- I need one of those.