Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU (怒首領蜂 大往生): Cave 2002

Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU is the fourth title in CAVE’s Donpachi series. Released in Japan on 4/5/2002. The Black Label version was released on 10/25/2002. The kit consists of the following:

  • PCB (blue case)
  • POP
  • Marquee
  • Instruction strip
  • Manual
  • A4 Flyer
  • A4 promo flyer (optional)
  • Poster (optional)
  • Box (Cave / AMI style)


Kit photos

PCB photos

Salamander 2 (サラマンダー): Konami 1996

Salamander 2 is the sequel to Salamander and a spinoff of the long-running Gradius series. It’s the first game in the Gradius series to incorporate 3D graphic elements into its base of 2D graphics. It runs on Konami GX hardware.


Kit photos

PCB photos

Magical Tetris Challenge (マジカルテトリスチャレンジ featuring ミッキー): Capcom 1998

Magical Tetris Challenge (or Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey in Japan) is Tetris like puzzle game featuring different Disney characters. It was released for the arcade on Seta Aleck64 hardware.

Japanese flyer


PCB photos

Review and game play

(by HVC001)

“Custom” Game Boxes, part 2

Back in September I began looking for a better solution than bubble wrap for storing game PCB’s.

I found some cardboard boxes that could handle most of the PCB’s I had and did spine labels for them. Never got as far as printing them though. Game board boxes Even if the boxes came out fine and looks way more decent than bubble wrap they aren’t optimal. About 1 cm (½”) too deep for my IKEA Billy book shelves but they’ll have to do for the moment.

Last week I finally did a couple of test prints of the spine labels and while they do look good I still think I can do better. DIY Spine Labels Meanwhile I’ve been pondering on how to store System 246/256 games. The answer was obvious: PS2 boxes with memory card holders. Perfect for holding both DVD and Magic Gate dongle (since they’re housed in PS2 memory card cases). System 246 Cases Still needs some tweaking but as a first draft they look promising 🙂 System 246 Cases My daughter seemed to find the eraser more intriguing than the cases though. Should I take it as they need a bit more work? 😛 System 246 Cases

Pac Man – Bargain or Trash?

Midway Pac Man PCBI managed to win a Pac Man / Ms. Pac Man game board for less than $40 including shipping over at eBay a week or so back. Looked legit and in good shape. So the question is: was it a bargain or have I ended up with a pile of trash?

Since I was passing Chicago earlier this week I had the board together with some other games delivered there for saving on the shipping. So on Wednesday I finally got the chance to examine my possible bargain and except for the desperate need of cleaning and perhaps a cap change it looks fine. It’s missing the cable for connecting the Ms. Pac Man daughter board but that one’s quite easy to find so I’m optimistic. But I won’t know for sure until I get back home again in a couple of weeks. Oh, and I’ll need a JAMMA adapter too since the board comes with the old Midway interface.

Gundam DX vs Zeon GD-ROM with manual and artworkThe other two packages waiting for me was Gundam DX vs. Zeon GD-ROM for the Naomi and Soul Calibur II Ver. A and D for System 246.

DIY Game Board Boxes

Stacked game boardsPiling game boards wrapped in bubble plastic is not such a good idea so I had to come up with some solution to the storing problem now that the collection contains more than two boards. Not to mention the visual rape. Even though a bit of chaos feeds the creativity I prefer my bookshelves and cabinets tidy. So, off to Office Depot for hunting card board boxes and foam. Not finding exactly what I was looking for I settled for approx. 32x27x6 cm (13×10½x2½ inches) boxes. Large enough to hold most boards. In retrospect I should have gotten a one or two 1½ inch deep boxes as well. After some glue exercises (the boxes weren’t self locking) I had two nice looking boxes for storing game boards. Add anti-static Zip-Lock bags and labels and the boards are safe and looking good on the shelf.

Game board boxesLastly, labels for giving the boxes a little more pro look (hand writing on the boxes is a no-no!). Internet and your favorite image editing program to the rescue.

SVC Chaos Box Label