GD-ROM spine labels

I got a request for a post on the spine labels I’ve done for my NAOMI GD-ROM’s. Never really thought anyone would be interested in them but wrong I was 😛


I use a Brother QL-570 label printer and design the labels in Brother’s P-touch Editor. It’s got an express mode and a pro mode. For doing your own designs Pro mode is preferred. The GD-ROM spine measures 184 mm x 12 mm (H x W). Even though there is a 12 mm wide roll I use a 29 mm wide roll for printing the GD-ROM spine labels. The reason being that the QL-570 wants a bit of margins on all sides. For this reason I’ve also made the label 187 mm long.

GD-ROM spine labelResources

Here are a few image files for getting started. I’ve picked them all from the Intertubes and I don’t make any claims as to owning any of these.

And here’s my label design in case you want to use it 🙂

Naomi Spine Label

“Custom” Game Boxes, part 3

Realizing GD-ROM cases were missing pocket for inlays was a real disappointment. No place for any nice artwork 😦

Anyway something had to be done and since I recently got one of those label printers I thought I’d at least could print some spine labels for the cases.

Naomi GD-ROM cases with spine labels


There, now they’ll look way better in the bookshelf 🙂